Managing Accounts in CGRateS with cgr-console

In a previous post I discussed the different ways to interact with CGRateS whilst it was running. Here I shall


CGRateS is a powerful open-source, carrier-grade rating system, but one of the more confusing aspects of it is how to

“Have you checked it’s plugged in?”

Customer: Your service is broken! Me: Why do you think that? Customer: because all the connections to it is down Me: I

CGRates Use Cases

In case you weren’t sure how CGRateS can be used, I’ve outlined a couple of typical use cases. Real-time Call

Setting up a lab for CGRateS

It’s useful to set up a lab to explore CGRateS. I’m providing some notes for this, although you should also

CGRates RALs Service

CGRateS Rating Services (RALS) This is a quick introduction to the CGRates RALs service. As the primary purpose of CGRateS

CGRateS Architecture

The main reference for CGRateS Architecture can be found on the CGRateS Documentation site. This is a high-level summary. Services

CGRateS – A powerful Open Source rating engine

CGRateS ( is a powerful and flexible carrier grade rating engine that is also open source. It handles rating for

Adventures in Telecoms

We are working on a series of blogs relating to Open Source Telecommunication applications. This may include product descriptions, tutorials,

Enterprise contracts considered harmful

Enterprise IT contracts are an unavoidable fact of life in many large organisations. So much so, in fact, that they