Who we are

Breadth and depth

We have over 25 years experience at the cutting edge of Telecommunications and IT development covering most aspects of Network and System architecture, design and implementation within Telecommunications and IT.

Our philosophy is knowledge in depth: IT and Telecommunications are complex. We believe the only way to understand it fully is to develop in-depth knowledge of the protocols, tools, systems, and processes that are the key influencers of IT and Telecommunications Architectures.

We have decades of experience designing, building and integrating networks and systems; defining and developing products and services; ensuring that technology, processes and people are aligned.

Our skills and experience encompass:

Mobile Telephony

Design, development and delivery of mobile telephony architectures and services including MVNOs. Our prior projects encompass high-level architecture and design, vendor engagement and selection, implementation, and integration. We understand mobile technology in depth with skills that include analysing and defining signalling and signalling flows (SS7, SMPP, Diameter, SIP, etc.), defining service management architectures and tools, and developing customer-facing applications.

Fixed-line telecommunications

Architecture, design, and implementation of networks with background in legacy and modern networks including PDH, SDH, DWDM, Frame Relay, ATM, Metro LAN and WAN, Ethernet and IP, backbone and access Internet networks and services, MPLS, IPv6, and wifi.

Voice services and Applications

Previous experience includes voice service design for national and global fixed-line and mobile carriers encompassing TDM, IN, and VoIP technologies. Deep understanding of voice networks including switch architectures, SS7, MGCP, and SIP.

We have a breadth of experience in IT architectures ranging from specifying hardware up to high-level architecture and IT strategy. Skills include SQL and NoSQL databases, Data Warehousing, Enterprise Integration, Virtualisation and Cloud services, Systems administration, commercial and Open Source software, desktop services and Big Data.


Design and implementation of OSS and BSS architectures and systems to support a range of services. Specific experience in: fault, performance and service management systems; CRM, order management and fulfilment; and offline/online rating, billing, and invoicing.

Design and implementation of OSS and BSS architectures and systems to support a range of services. Specific experience in fault, performance and service management systems, order management and fulfilment, CRM, and offfline/online rating and billing. We can develop or enhanced Operational Models and processes and, where possible, will work closely with existing Operational teams.

Data analysis and processing

Design of data architectures and analysis of complex data including SQL, XML, JSON, NoSQL, and streaming data. Projects include both tactical ad-hoc analysis and strategic implementation for data integration, OLAP, ETL, warehousing, big data analytics, etc.

Integration and APIs

Skills and experience developing and delivering integrations ranging from small tactical solutions to high-volume, mission-critical interfaces.

Bespoke Software Development

Software design and development skills including Java, Spring Framework, SQL Schemas and Stored Procedures, version control, devops tools, SOAP/REST APIs, Shell scripting, PERL, PHP, Hadoop/Hive/Spark.

What we do

Technical Architect Plus

We are different from most Technical Architects out there: most Technical Architects have a great deal of high-level knowledge of IT systems and how they nominally interact, but have very little low-level knowledge or hands-on skills. We differ because we know the nuts and bolts of the systems that make up the architecture: we have personally installed, configured and operated many of these systems; we have built these architectures ourselves.

This is a novel approach in today’s market, which we call Technical Architect Plus.

This approach stems from a belief that Architecture is important and that costly mistakes can be made if the architecture team is lacking an in-depth knowledge of all of the systems and how they integrate.

This approach extends to an understanding and analysis of the data storage and data flows, the operational model and associated processes, the internal and external integrations and APIs.

Our approach to Technical Architecture is to factor all of these important issues into the solution, an approach that goes above and beyond what most Technical Architects are capable of.

That is why we have been trusted to deliver and support solutions for some of the largest IT and Telecommunications companies in the world:

  • BT
  • Cable & Wireless
  • COLT Telecommunications
  • Interoute
  • EMC Corporation
  • Orange
  • T-Mobile
  • Portugal Telecom
  • Eircom
  • Gateway Communications
  • Virtuser
  • Telekom Malaysia
  • SSE
  • Aria Networks